Frequently Asked Questions


What is a candy piñata?

An all-edible candy piñata is made with a candy or chocolate shell and filled with candy, dried fruit, nuts, etc. to be smashed open to the delight of everyone. They are also known as smash cakes or crush cakes. However, no actual "moist cake" is used in their creation. They cannot be hung up typically due to the weight of the candy, but they can be smashed open like a regular piñata.

What is the outside shell made from?

Typically it is made from candy melts or chocolate. No fondant is used!

Can you add alcohol?

Due to TABC laws, I cannot purchase alcohol for resale.  If you would like a piñata with mini liquor bottles, then you must make the purchase of the alcohol. Then we can coordinate how to add them to the piñata. 

I want to add jewelry to surprise my significant other. How do I do this?

I will not take possession of any jewelry or item of value. We can coordinator how to add the item to the piñata and then, I would then finish the cake, all within your presence.

Do the piñatas require refrigeration?

All piñatas are made with non-perishable foods, so no refrigerations is required, but should be kept at room temperature. Also refrigeration may discolor some of the candy's like M&Ms, Skittles, etc.

Can you ship?

Under the current Texas Cottage Food laws, I can only ship if I have direct contact  in person either at the point of sale or at delivery.

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Is your product gluten-free

Although most chocolate and candy melts are gluten free, cross contamination can occur as the environment the piñatas are made in is not gluten-free. Per the packaging label on some of the candy melts, it states that it is "made on equipment that also processes wheat." Please call and we can discuss.

Texas Cottage Food Laws?

More information regarding the Texas Cottage Food Laws can be found at